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The summer of 2017 will be the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love and Expressway To Your Heart..  Join us in celebrating.  Contact us to book us for your event or private party.

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When The Whistle Blows Anything Goes 1967

Recorded at:

Cameo Parkway Studio, Philadelphia

1.   Do You Feel It

2.   Please, Please, Please

3.   Too Many Fish In The Sea/Shake

4.   Dathon’s Theme

5.   Taboo-India

6.   Expressway To Your Heart

7.   Respect

8.   A Change Is Gonna Come

9.   Hey Gyp

10. The Rydle

Take Another Look   1969  

Recorded at Atlantic Recording

Studios, New York, NY

and Fame Studio,

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

1.   Funky Way To Treat Somebody

2.   Baby,Please Don’t Stop

3.   Jesse

4.   Mama Soul

5.   Darkness

6.   We Got A Job To Do

7.   Keep Your Faith,Brother

8.   Tell Daddy

9.   Got Down On Saturday

10.  Why Don’t You Go Out Walking

11.  Turn Out The Fire

SOUL SURVIVORS  1974 Recorded at

Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA

1.   What It Takes

2.   Everything’s Changing

3.   City Of Brotherly Love

4.   Virgin Girl

5.   Beedo

6.   Start All Over

7.   Over My Head

8.   Your Love

9.   Best Time Was The Last Time

10. Lover To Me

12. Soul To Soul

HEART FULL OF SOUL - 2009 - Recorded at Rhythmatic Studio, New York, NY

1.  Never Like This Before

2.  All I Need

3.  Talking About My Baby

4.  Hitch Hike

5.  Soulful Love

6.  What Does It Take(To Win Your Love)

7.  I  Do

8.  Pledging My Love

9.  Please Stay

10. Somebody(Somewhere) Needs You

RELEASED 2004 Recorded at The Music Place,  Berlin, NJ and Sigma Sound, Philadelphia, PA

1.   Everything’s Changing

2.   The Best Time Was The Last Time

3.   Matters Of The Heart

4.   Close Your Eyes

5.   (I Just Like) Being In Love

6.   That Look In Your Eye

7.   Do What You Got To Do

8.   Need You By My Side

9.   Your Love

10  Beedo

11.  What It Takes

12.  Lover To Me


Recorded at Fame Studio Still Got My Head Muscle Shoals, Alabama

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